Eight Excellent Benefits Of Black Tea

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Have you ever been criticized by people for your cup of tea, by being told that it is not good for your health? Though too much of anything is not good for health, an extra cup of black tea is actually a refreshing choice to make. Apart from its taste that you may fall in love with, there are many benefits to your body and mind that makes Black tea a healthy drink.

1. Bye-bye cavities! – Preserving Oral Health:
Studies supported by the Tea Trade Health Research Association suggest that black tea reduces plaque formation as well as puts a check on the cavity causing bacteria. The Polyphenols found in Black tea is responsible for this act of preserving Oral health.

2. Happy beats! – A healthy heart:
As per a research paper titled “Green and black tea consumption and risk of stroke: a meta-analysis” it is proved that people who consume 2-3 cups of black tea per day had 21% lower risk of stroke or heart attack than those who had one cup of black tea per day. Now that strikes a happy beat for the Black tea lovers.

3. Healthy calls! – Cancer prevention:
Studies and research over the benefits of Black tea over the years have suggested that, ingredients like Polyphenols & Catechins in Black tea aid in preventing some types of cancers. Especially for Women, it is found that drinking Black tea regularly lowers the chance of ovarian cancer.

4. Sugar levels intact! – Diabetes prevention:
Research suggests that people drinking black tea on a moderate level (1-2 cups a day) are found to hold 70% lesser chance of type 2 Diabetes.

5. Fight right! – Better immune system:
Black tea has alkylamine antigens that boost our immune system’s response. It also contains tannin that fight viruses and protect us from flu and other commonly found viruses in routine life.

6. Relax! – Stress buster:
We are all sure about the soothing and relaxing benefits of the Black tea. Not only does black tea ease you down, research shows that the amino acids found in black tea helps you to concentrate better too. Black tea also reduces the levels of cortisone, the stress hormone, when consumed in moderate amounts.

7. Up and high! – Increased energy levels:
Black tea has relatively low caffeine content, unlike coffee, and it enhances the blood flow to the brain without over-stimulating the heart. This way, there is an increase in the energy levels, resulting in enhanced thought process.

8. Hi and hello! – Healthy conversations:
In a life filled with busy activities from morning till night, a cup of tea is a chance for the loved ones to catch-up and converse over things. What can be better than a cup of tea filled with conversations? Only another cup of tea!

With so many benefits to look forward for a healthy body and mind, Black tea is definitely a delightful choice of drink to sport regularly. But as everything else, it is advisable to maintain a moderate level to enjoy its pleasure for a long run.

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