High quality loose leaf teas are made from the camellia sinensis plants finest hand-picked buds. They use whole tea leaves, large pieces of leaves or a combination of these parts. The time of year and growing conditions greatly affect the quality of tea. When all of these factors are taken into account, much like a fine wine, the tea retains its distinctive flavors and characteristics.

Alltime Tea is hand-picked carefully and processed keping in mind that great taste, aroma and colour need to be delivered. Our Loose Tea Leaf tea experts have over a century’s worth of experience and knowledge in the worldwide tea trade. Alltime Tea is certified in accordance with Food Management System ISO 22000:2010 and ISO/TS 22002-1 standards.

Alltime Tea specialises in single leaf and blended loose leaf tea sourced from plantations within Sri Lanka. We can cater for all your loose leaf and bulk needs, and are happy to develop a tea especially for you and your customers.

Brewing our Loose Leaf Tea from Australia ensures direct contact with the leaf, capturing the original flavour, aroma and colour of our tea. No artificial preservatives are put into our teas. We guarantee that you will receive a delicious, 100% pure and natural tea filled with antioxidants. Alltime Tea is packaged for freshness in foil bags, ensuring maximum flavour and enjoyment from your tea making ritual. Once opened, please place in an airtight container to maintain the delicious flavour and aroma of our tea.

Our hand-picked Loose Tea Leaves supports traditional harvesting methods and offers premium flavour and health benefits. We think that the perfect way to enjoy tea is to take a break and relax. What better way to share the love with your friends and family? Whether at home or at your restaurant or cafe, your customers will love Alltime Tea.

A whole range of green, flavoured, and organic loose teas are available to buy and brew. Enjoy the smooth, rich flavour of Alltime Tea – from natures hand to you. Contact us via email at info@alltimetea.com to find out more.

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