Our brand (Alltime Tea) is selected from the high-grown region of Sri Lanka, with elevations of over 5,000 feet. The very best tea comes from this region. We have created our own tea which has been carefully selected from different plantations to produce a premium tea with taste, smell and colour. We visited Sri Lanka to create the formula with the help of our authorised tea experts in Sri Lanka, focusing on the best taste, smell and colour. The tea is hand-picked using the best quality tea leaves from the highest tea region (the world’s best tea is from there) using only natural ingredients. This resulted in the top class quality of our tea – Alltime Tea.

The unique taste of the tea makes your tongue salivate, and satisfies the palate. This taste has been custom made with the consumer in mind in a laboratory in Sri Lanka. The tea flavour is full-bodied, brisk and clean; the tea smell is aromatic – the taste of the tea is reflected in the smell, which is ongoing from the tea bag alone to the adding of hot water, until the tea has been fully consumed. Once hot water is added to the tea bag in a cup, the tea is a strong copper colour.


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