Sri Lanka and its Ceylon tea is famous all over the world due to its high-quality, full-bodied tea. Alltime Tea is no different, and is sourced from the high-mountain region in Sri Lanka, west of the Central mountains. Sri Lankan Tea from Alltime Tea is a fine, smooth and full flavoured Ceylon black tea – for the perfect cup of tea.

According to the World Tea Council, in 2012 Sri Lanka exported 340 million kilograms of tea, the third highest by volume behind Kenya and China. Sri Lanka produces the world’s finest and most fragrant blend of teas, packed with health benefits. Whenever you’re searching for Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka, make sure your package has the Lion Logo. This logo is the ‘Symbol of Quality’ meaning that it was truly produced in Sri Lanka, and that it has been regulated by the Sri Lankan Tea Board. Alltime Tea is hand-picked and packed in Sri Lanka and is approved by the Sri Lankan Tea Board. As such, Alltime Tea boxes carry the logo along with the slogan “Pure Ceylon Tea – Packed in Sri Lanka”. Tea cultivation in Sri Lanka is now a highly skilled, scientific and mechanised business, producing some of the most sought after, fragrant and delicious teas in the world. Alltime Tea has been approved by the Sri Lankan Tea Board and carries the Lion Logo, as well as the certified slogan, assuring customers of the tea origin and its quality.

Despite being one of the world’s largest tea producers, only around 4% of Sri Lanka is covered in tea plantations. This industry provides jobs for over one million Sri Lankans. Although the price of tea has fallen in all major tea countries, Sri Lanka is still the world’s largest exporter of tea. Major customers for Sri Lankan tea are the United Arab Emirates, Russia, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, the United Kingdom, Egypt, Libya and Japan. The tea market in Australia is less than other countries by comparison, but we still love a good cup of tea. That’s why Alltime Tea has carefully selected premium tea leaves from the highest mountain region of one of the world’s best tea regions. We hope you enjoy Alltime Tea and will keep drinking Sri Lankan tea again and again.

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