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Alltime Tea is sourced from the high-mountain region in Sri Lanka. The region our tea comes from is known as the Dimbula region (high-mountain) in the Central province of Sri Lanka. Dimbula was one of the first areas to be planted in the 1870s, a few years after the first tea plantation in Loolecondra estate in the Kandy region (1867). It is one of the six main tea planting regions in Sri Lanka. This area is defined by its high-grown tea, located at elevations of 5,000 feet. Cold weather and moonsoon rainfall from January to March are contributing factors for the flavour of the tea. Alltime Tea is from the high region, which results in a full-bodied, full-flavoured, delicious tea.

Sri Lanka is one of the few countries in the world where the tea is plucked by hand. It is then weighed and transported to the factory. Ceylon black tea is withered, rolled, fermented, dried, graded, then packed. Ceylon tea is graded by size and is done by sifting the tea through meshes. No artifial preservatives are added at any time throughout the process, and tea that fails to initially comply with standards is discarded, regardless of the quantity and value. Alltime tea is 100% natural and hand-picked. It has a clean and crisp taste, rich colour and long-lasting aroma. The taste, flavour and aroma of teas from each region are influenced by the conditions particular to the high region.

Alltime Tea is one of the largest tea suppliers from Sri lanka, exporting more than 500 tonnes to over 25 countries. Our brand (Alltime Tea) is selected from the high-grown region of Sri Lanka, with elevations of over 5,000 feet. The very best tea comes from this region. We have created our own tea which has been carefully selected from different plantations in the high-grown region to produce a premium tea with taste, smell and colour. Alltime Tea is committed to delivering the best taste, smell and colour to its customers. The tea is hand-picked using the best quality tea leaves from the highest tea region (the world’s best tea is from there), using only natural ingredients. This resulted in the top class quality of our tea – Alltime Tea, with its unique taste will help you to relax.

Alltime Tea has more than 50 varieties of tea flavours in green tea, black and herbal teas. All of our loose teas are available in bulk packages and we also do custom blending to meet your flavoured or herbal tea needs. We have 50+ varieties of tea flavours in black and green teas. If we don’t have it, we can get it or make it to meet any of your wholesale tea requirements.

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