The Health Benefits Of Ceylon Tea

ceylon tea

Any tea lover would have a bright face when told the word “Ceylon Tea”. That’s how candid it gets when we talk about Ceylon tea, and it is not about one but many reasons, which makes it so special. Known for its rich aroma and taste, Ceylon tea comes with a lot of health benefits too. Before we get to see more on it, let us take a look at the history of Ceylon tea. This special tea is grown in Sri Lanka (formally called Ceylon and hence the name Ceylon tea). The plantation and supplies took place only in the late 1800s and hence this can be termed as a relatively new crop to the region. Ceylon tea comes in black, green and white assortments and each of them have a unique taste and flavor that differentiates them.

Of the three, Black tea is the most produced one with citrus overtones. Ceylon Black tea is the most widely produced and recognized and has citrus overtones. Ceylon green tea holds a much stronger flavor than other available green teas, and is famous for its distinct taste. Ceylon white tea tastes like honey and is highly priced. With superior values and the fresh locations they come from, there are numerous health benefits that make all the varieties of Ceylon tea – a must try drink.


Ceylon black tea is fermented (oxidized) and hence slightly varying from the Green & white teas. Theaflavins and Arubigins are powerful antioxidants that aid in combating free radicals, which are responsible for DNA damage and cancer too. Ceylon black tea also effectively reduces the risk of heart attack and the size of tumors.Ceylon black tea is also helpful in keeping the viruses and bacteria off the system. It greatly reduces the chance of catching influenza. It also boosts the immune system of the body and helps in fighting foreign bodies effectively. It also influences the stress hormones and helps you to recover from a stressful situation at the sip of it. Increasing the alpha-wave activity in your brain, Ceylon tea helps you to stay more alert.


The Green and white varieties of Ceylon tea are very similar in composition yet have distinct taste, flavor and health benefits.The greentea possesses stronger anti-viral and anti-bacterial qualities, which helps a lot in times of illnesses. Ceylon tea varieties are also famous for increasing the speed of metabolism by helping the fat burn faster. The anti-inflammatory properties of Ceylon tea varieties also help in reducing the risk of arthritis. Ceylon white teas prove to be greatly beneficial to fight the aging process (wrinkles and sagging) by slowing the collagen loss. The Ceylon tea varieties are also handy in maintaining proper dental hygiene as it helps to reduce the bacterial growth prevents cavities and controls bad breath. Ceylon teas also prevent dementia and reduce the level of depression at pressured situations.

Now that’s a lot of benefits to contain in a cup of tea. But yes, Ceylon tea has it all. To avail the best quality Ceylon teas in the world, reach on to Australia’s premium Alltime tea brand. As authentic tea makers since 2015, their modern approach has made the achat viagra en pharmacie en france best of the tealeaves from the highlands of Srilanka (Ceylon) to be plucked and processed to bring out the best taste and flavor to your living room. Choose Alltime tea, choose happiness!

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